merge turned 25 and i turned 30

i would love to tell you about this show if you wanna hear about it

they HAVE to play this song tomorrow night!!!!!

they HAVE to play this song tomorrow night

ringworm in 1992

97a live

i’m sure you’ve heard “about the money” a million times by now and still love it but may be interested in hearing a different song so here you go this one is just as good if you turn it off before third verse

i didn’t understand why this song (not the remix) came out in the dead of winter when it seemed destined to be a SUMMER JAM but then the remix came out and it all worked out.  mase’s voice can still make up for the weakest of weak lyrics

another depressing incredible book by an author who is slowly creeping up my list of the greatest

another depressing incredible book by an author who is slowly creeping up my list of the greatest



We are pleased to announce that the new Moutheater album, “Passing Key” is up for streaming via bandcamp.

The new full length from one of Virginia’s best-kept secrets, and their first record in three and a half years. Eleven tracks inspired by betrayal, escape, and redemption. Elements of 90’s grunge mixed with desert rock experimentation and the plodding weight of noise-rock bands like Unsane, The Melvins, and Tad. Kozmic Noise Rock Flower Sludge.

Recorded by the band between Spring 2013 and Spring 2014 at (drummer) Tim Gault’s Double-O studios, Passing Key is truly Moutheater’s best work to date; with better songwriting, more nuanced drumming, and layers of guitar and production inspired by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins’ glory days and Queens of the Stone Age’s “Rated R.” The band toiled over this recording for a year and it shows. We are proud to be releasing the LP version of this monster and will announce ordering information once records are actually in (fuck pre-orders.) In the meantime, enjoy the stream and feel free to share with other weirdos.

My band’s new album is up for stream. It’ll be out on pink and purple vinyl in August on Anthems of The Undesirable. I’ll be making a detailed post about the record at some point in the near future.